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Updated: 08.08.2010 05:30 p.m. (old post moved here: Archive )

21 death (13 female, 8 male) over 500 victims (511+)


19 deaths (16 at location, 3 in hospital) [about 283 causalities were treated in hospital of whom the most could get home that day] [unsure: 342 causalities in total that day?]


20 deaths [female († 21,f) in the evening at hospital]


21 deaths [female († 21,f) died in night at hospital / still 25 causilities in hospital]


It is said that all causalities have left the hospital now.
(I am unsure about that, but have to check sources)

13 women (f ) – 8 men (m )

age : 18 – 38 years
Australia: 1 († 27,f) [Georges Hall]
China: 1 (†38,f) [-> Düsseldorf ?]
Netherlands: 1 (†22,m) [Zwolle]
Bosnia-Herzegovina: 1 († 21,f ???)
Spain: 2 († 22,f) , († 22,f) [-> Münster]
Italy: 1 († 21,f) [Brescia]
(Note:Maybe one missing here? – 8 non-german deaths were initially reported)
Germany: 13
{Bad Oeynhausen († 18,m), Belm – Landkreis Osnabrück († 21,m),
Bielefeld(† 19,f), Bremen († 18,m) , Castrop-Rauxel († 22,f),
Duisburg († 21,f), Düsseldorf (†38,m),
Gelsenkirchen († 23,f)[or († 21,f) ?? -> Münster ],
Greven († 20,f) (Kreis Steinfurt), Hamm(?? † 25,m) ,
Heiligenhaus bei Essen († 21,f),
Lünen (L.-Brambau, † 18,m)[?or († 19,m)],
Stadecken-Elsheim bei Mainz(f), Münster († 21,m)[or († 22,m) ??]}

(compiled from several news sources by myself – meaning there is not one site which does this kind of statistic from several news, as I did here…)

[->  City] means — lived in …

(comment: date notation DAYd.MONTHm.YEARyyy)

There was once initially a list of people which were missed.
It got deleted/taken off the web, because
– one could get the names of the victims as it got shorter.
This lead to disturbing calls to people who already had to deal with such a tragedy!

My intention of doing this list/statistic is only in giving an overview.
It is not O.K. in my opinion to give their names and photos for a big audience.

About the sometimes indifferent ages of the victims is to say, that they are sometimes reported as i.e. 21 – while in reality the age is 22.

Sources in different languages:
[Note: not all links included – as I lost a lot of bookmarks that week]
(mostly in German or English)

(Heiligenhaus 25 f, hospital 28th);art993,979971;art967,979720;art934,980074


(Spanish, Spain)

(English, China)

(Dutch, Netherlands)

(Italian, Italia)

(English, Australia)

(offical Police Report – 25th July)

(partly inaccurate..)ück_bei_der_Loveparade_2010

(two 22 y.o. f of Spain, German)

partly Wikipedia, but the pages are NOT 100 per cent accurate, say inaccurate… (wrong numbers..)ück_bei_der_Loveparade_2010

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  1. BLøD sprach das Wort zum Sonntag … 😦

    (die haben immer Fehler in deren Artikeln… dazu später mehr)

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