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What are you missing here? Your input is welcome

This blog is dedicated to the victims of the Loveparade 2010 of Duisburg, Germany.

It tries to share some light on that tragedy of 24th of July 2010.

Links to other pages, which deal with the Loveparade’s 2010 tragedy  and other things are to be found here.

Tell me please, if you think something is missing here. You may also give me hints or comments.


  1. Can somebody please translate this dokument?

  2. Hello Marcel,

    for a start you may try this:

    .. but it has some parts then, it translates into BS … – for sure there are slang words in and minor fun misspellings, which make it harder to translate

    as in:

    “Nachdem ich eine Weile auf dem Ultraschall-Float war, bin ich einmal alle Floats “abgelaufen”, bin also auf jeden Float drauf, ein wenig gucken, knipsen, lachen und hypfen und dann auf zum nächsten. Insgesamt war das schon ziemlich geil.”


    ” After a while I was on the ultrasound float, I’m once every Floats “expired”, so I am definitely float on it, watch shoot a little, laugh and Mortgage Pfandbriefe series and then on to the next.”

    in reality it should sound more like this:

    “After a while I was on the “Ultraschall” float, had been walking around(/visiting) every Float, so I actually had been to definitely every float,
    watching around, taking photos, had a little time there, laughing and dancing(/jumping) and then went on to the next.”

    There is more of this mistranslation, for sure it is a artificial translation by a machine.

    At the moment I do not have the time to translate it all.

    Greetings ..

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