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Some comment about BLøD: (misspellings corrected 😉 )

2010loveparade Says:

August 4, 2010 at 7:03 am

Most of the links are nice, but keep this in mind
about BILD:
What is Bild?

Bild translated means picture/image.
It is more or less on the evil end of Yellow-Press
journalism. While normal newspapers may contain
500-1000 different words or even more-
Bild uses like 200 different words at all!
It also uses the shortest sentences some can imagine.

There is also a saying in Germany:
“Bild sprach zuerst mit dem Toten!”
which translates to
“Bild was the first to talk to the death!”

It is an “newspaper” for the less educated ones.
It uses half-truths and mixing it with emotions,
to build an opinion for the uneducated.

It also nearly always rushes the people for
interviews, while they are still in
an emotional state.
They may think “Bild” will tell the truth,
but in reality, it will use it to build opinions,
which are based on lies.
[I know a person, which was interviewed by BILD,
long – long ago. The news which got out of Bild then
was something like the opposite of what had been told
by the interviewed person!]


|”A woman and a man desperately try to resuscitate a lifeless victim.”

This and some other photos gave them the rebuke
of the German journalist association,
for showing off such pictures to a big audience.
Sure they might say,it was only to let information
flow, but there are “rights of your own picture”
in Germany, as it is not allowed to take pictures of
people – focusing them.
..and then in those situation … 😦

|”In all, some 20 people died near the tunnel.”

Wrong !- plainly the typical errors in their “news”.

I will quote myself:
|> 24th July 19 deaths (16 at location, 3 in hospital)
|> [about 283 causalities were treated in hospital of
|> whom the most could get home that day]
19 died that day, one girl a day later, another two
days later.
Accuracy is something they do not have!

|”Many of the injured needed to be resuscitated.”
|”Dieses Bild ist nicht mehr verfügbar”
[This image is no more available]
What is the sense to show that to normal people?
I successfully resuscitate a girl once, but hey even if it was
successful, my nerves and adrenaline kept me awake for hours!
.. and I am not so frangible…

|Some of the many injured lie on the ground as paramedics treat them.
|”Dieses Bild ist nicht mehr verfügbar”
[This image is no more available]
… again what is the sense?

|”Dead and injured people lie in the tunnel
| – it was the official entrance into the Love Parade.”

If you see the pictures on the lower half(11 images),
you can clearly can see the dilatated pupils of the
interviewed, which means they are still in shock state.
(They may regret it one day later? Also shock state
is known for less blood in the brain -> adrenaline)

Also they show the freakiest people, while the most
people there were kind of normal people.


From article:
|”BILD: Was the training of your security staff poor or non-existent?

|Schaller: Not one untrained steward was stationed there. That can be proven.”

That is plain BS, in my view. Those stewards were trained for like one day.
That is not a training for such an event. Also this stewards included mummies
and daddies, which you may would see at low-price discount-markets and not
as security personal! Also it included young people, say students and pupils.


But how about the “grilled by Bild”?
lol, sorry:

see this link, which is by the way in German:
(you may use automatic translation)

|14.07.2010 – 17:55 UHR
|” überträgt die offizielle Sendung zur
|größten Party der Welt in Zusammenarbeit
|mit McFit live und exklusiv.”

> will broadcast the official broadcasting
>of the biggest party in the world in cooperation
>with McFit live and exclusive.

Hello? This is the company of Rainer Schaller,
which you still see the logo of “McFit” on that site.
(if you got millions of euros … how independent
could you be?)
And some minor BS..

| … mittendrin: Comedian Oliver Pocher (32).
| Zusammen mit seiner Lebensgefährtin Sandy Meyer-Wölden (27)
| moderiert er die offizielle Loveparade-Sendung von und McFit.

> in between: Comedian Oliver Pocher (32).
> Together with his life-partner Sandy Meyer-Wölden (27)
> he is moderating the official Loveparade-Broadcast
> of and McFit.

However I still not get it what this dumbo guy is. He is
a pushed up comedian, always doing jokes on others,
unknown to me about four years ago.
Mostly it seems like he is just into his puberty,
physically and intellectual.
(but I stop here – that would even make the text triple
as long as it is yet.)
Better have a look at my blog, which is more a website
about what happened at Loveparade 2010, it is still
[We call it Loveparade – not Love Parade – as it is a name]


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