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Loveparade2010 – New Horrible-Footage – Neue Horror-Aufnahmen 18+ !!!


xXxDokuKanaLxXx | August 04, 2010

ACHTUNG!!! Video erst ab 18 Jahre zugelassen

New video during and after the mass panic with frightening imagesTerrible pics.
Don’t watch under 18 !!!

xXxDokuKanaLxXx | August 04, 2010

no description available

NEW Footage Loveparade 2010 (18+) (Neue Aufnahmen)


xXxDokuKanaLxXx | July 27, 2010

video by pallmall2008


Neue Schock-Aufnahmen – Loveparade 2010 – Drama in Duisburg
Schaumalraus | August 02, 2010

Tags: Drama Duisburg Loveparade 2010 Massenpanik Panik Tote Opfer Treppe Tunnel Katastrophe Chaos Angst Todesangst Verletzte panic stampede victims dead staircase tunnel disaster chaos fear death fear Injured Sauerland Schaller news Schock Shock Trauma


New Footage of LoveParade 2010 Mass Panic +18
xXxDokuKanaLxXx | August 04, 2010



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Videos and links to videos about the Loveparade 2010

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