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Google Maps Loveparade 2010

Google Maps Loveparade 2010

Google Maps (1) with media links

Links to google maps of Loveparade 2010 Duisburg Germany

Loveparade 2010 Duisburg

21 Tote, über 500 Verletzte / 21 dead, over 500 causilties

Der Benutzer Partykrash aus den Niederlanden hat eine Karte bei Google Maps erstellt und darin verschiedene Blickwinkel mit Youtube-Videos verknüpft.

Er hat sie allerdings im niederländischen Google Maps verlinkt. Damit es die Nutzer einfacher haben, habe ich es etwas konvertiert.

Hier also die Links zu Google Maps:




The Youtube user partykrash of the Netherlands linked a Google maps page, where he placed different viewpoints locations linked with youtube videos. But he linked into dutch google maps, not sure if all can translate it. 😉

In the attempt to making it easier for the audience, I converted them (see above). Now it should be easier for you.

update (3rd August 2010):

there is another map at to be found at

Visit them

They search for images of the Loveparade 2010,  the best would be if you have some images or videos in original with timestamps. If so – did the camera still show the right time? If not write down  that time, for a later reference.

You can also help there if you have Youtube links, close or at the time the tragedy happened. They already have a lot an building a timeline,  have a look at

I also visited a site shortly after my blog start
and gave the source link away.

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